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With over 10 years in the business, we’ve grown Flowers, Indian Vegetables, Exotic Vegetables, Fruits, Milk and other Services viz. we established Women’s Self Help Group. These Group work for the dub in harvesting, grading and packing of fruits and vegetables, Flowers stage decoration, etc.

Abhinav Farmers’ Club is a co-operative of around 850 farmers across Maharashtra. The concept of this unique Farmers Club was developed by NABARD. We have started with growing of Indian vegetables, Cut flowers, Fruits, Milk and Dairy Product. Today, we supply exotic vegetables to some Malls, cash and carry stores, five-star hotels, and exclusive caterers across Maharashtra. All Agricultural fresh produce brought to our main branch at Pune, where it is graded, and stored at a controlled atmosphere as per requirement. The shipments are handled manually. Systemic packaging ensures that the product remains fresh and reaches its destination without any damage. We also give a lot of guidance and intensive training to the farmer in various aspects like sowing, planting, water drainage, handling, crop requirements and encourage them to use organic fertilizers. Abhinav Farmers’ club has been responsible for changing the life of many of the farmers who are part of the organization.

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About Abhinav Farm

We are well equipped with state-of-the-art communication facilities to ensure timely communication with clients. Thus, facilitating smooth process in transaction. All shipments are picked up directly from our central facility point in Pune.

Today we bring you a host of Fruits and vegetables, Milk and exotic vegetables from our own farms and those of our associates. We have also ventured into Consulting Services covering various aspects like sowing, plantation of flowers and exotic vegetables, water drainage, handling, crop requirements to complete Farm Development. Also we help for setting up kitchen garden in cities and landscaping.