About Mr. Dnyaneshwar Bodke

Mr. Dnyaneshwar Bodke

From the past of many decades, my family and I were doing traditional farming but I didn’t apply any economics to farming. Although I was the owner of 10 acres land, but my family was not getting sufficient amount of grocery to fulfil 1 year’s need. At that time I had read Hi-Tech farming articles and visited it. So from that day I encouraged and decided that my occupation should be high-tech farming. My dreams were to educate my children and live a calm, satisfied life.

In 1999, I did a course at Horticulture Training Centre, Talegoan, Pune on ‘Poly-house farming’ for one week. Then after that, I worked there for one complete year without salary, this experience plays a vital role to gave big shape for my success in future. In 2000, I had started my own poly-house in 1000 sq.m. Firstly I did floriculture farming. My wife and I were working in that early in the morning at 7.00 am to the night at 10.00pm. at that time flower expected rate was Rs.4.00 per flower but because of hard work and quality of our flowers we got cost of Rs.6.20 (average) per flower. The loan was taken from Canara Bank and within 24 months I repaid the amount of Rs.10 lakhs with interest of Rs.88000.00. That project boosted my confidence and I was also came to know that if we do like this farming, really we will success in life. As all my nearby younger people were also started poly-house farming and repaid their loans within 36 months.I founded Abhinav farmers club on 15th August 2004 with the help of NABARD & Canara Bank. At that time there were only 17 members but now it goes up to 305 members in Pune area. Since 2004, we had been doing Group farming and selling our ORGANIC agricultural products directly to customers. My main motto behind forming this group was that all small holding capacity farmers should come into this track of hi-tech farming so that farmers should earn money every-day. This model is being followed by AFC so that every farmer earns Rs.1000.00/acre/day. For whole year, Abhinav farmers club member are earning Rs.30-50 thousands/month so it helps to increase their own standard of living and fulfill their financial commitments. This project gave an Ideal example that in minimum land one could be able to earn good money.

Then, I hadn’t seen back from this success and started another cultivation of Exotic vegetables. These vegetables were directly marketed / sale in Malls, hotels and housing societies in city. If, using this techniques (within 1 acres of land) every farmer were getting Rs.1000.00/month and it is just like equal to Class-A Officer’s salary and this was my aim to make farmers to aware of this model.

Now around in 43000 villages we are trying to form farmers club like Abhinav and trained them to be aware of hi-tech farming and marketing also. We are also thinking to involve women’s self help group for harvesting, cleaning, grading, packaging, it should be sell directly to the consumers so that all profit will be getting to our rural farmers and Women’s SHG except all middlemen.
Since around 3 to 3.5 lakhs people were already visited during 15 years to farm including all Universities Dean, Foreign Countries delegates like Etheaopia, Keniya, South Africa and Srilanka, Agriculture officers, other officers from different field. Our group i.e.”Abhinav Farmer Club” honored by Mr.P.Chidambaram, Former Finance Minister, Government of India, in 2007 for NABARD National Award. And 2014 Direct Marketing Award -2014 Govt. of India.

In beginning of 2008, by seeing all these experience for 9 years, I closely realized that every rural farmer in our country should need this kind of guidance. So I started Training centre for farmers on my farmhouse at Maan village, Mulshi in 2008. Training schedule is of three days including living and food on every Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Farmers have been given more practical knowledge along with theoretical, which helps how to solve any problems while cultivation. Since near about 45,000 farmers has been trained through Abhinav farmers club and out of these 17,000 farmers started their own poly-houses and earning good source of income.

We founded through Women Self Help Group to respect women power in development where there are 117 SHG and 1360 women. They are doing cleaning, Grading, Packaging, selling from field and directly deliver to respective areas. This system is implemented in major cities. From these SHGs, every woman is now getting job. All our SHG has been working very actively and they are now able to educate their children from their income.Today we have 45000 farmers continuously working with AFC across India. Now our group has 75,000-90,000 acres farming cultivation for fruits, vegetables, grocery, milk etc. including 30% poly-houses and 70% open cultivations. Use of Optimum Water, Advanced techniques, reduction in production cost are three keys of our group. Total annual turnover of our AFC’s farmers is around 28.10 crs..(approx.)Qualified or knowledgeable person give their knowledge to farmers to improve the traditional farming by adopting hi-tech technique, like Abhinav Farmers Club. We are trying continuously keep moving in our work to progress responsibility towards our society and give something from us. We are always committed to our farmers for creative solutions regarding all the things in our agro producer company.