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Subject: Women SHG.

Once upon a time women in our village were collecting 50-100 Rs. Each per month and these collection were funding to in need person on interest basis through SHG’s. Although women were not have any employment or business, but simply they were taking money from their husbands for these purposes. But when Abhinav self help group was established in 2007 in our village, then Mrs. Pooja Dnyaneshwar Bodke and Mrs. Aruna Sanjay Shelke have tried very much efforts for development of SHG. Now there are 117 SHG’s in our village. In all over state by establishing 2000 women SHG’s by us, we have been taken loans in lakhs of amount for every group individually. Now, all group have their own packhouses and agro-produce selling Reefer vans. Under Abhinav farmers club around 1360 women daily getting 200-300 Rs. In only 5-6 hours work. This model was developed for creating women employment.

In the beginning there was no profit for every group, but now every women in SHG has been doing Harvesting, cleaning, grading, packaging and marketing of farmers agro produce and selling these agro produces directly in housing societies in cities without middlemen. From this, farmers are getting good value for his produce and every women is also now self employed. Problems in our village are now less and because of busy schedule for women, they haven’t giving their attention on bad things which are not necessary. Because of this children in our village are living in good status and atmosphere and every women is also living independently like men. Through many creative programs we are discussing about, how women can be made conscious and educated about new innovations and new works so that from this, every women can get salary. We are also working for citizens and beware them that how can we give them poison free food (organic) to live longer life.

Now, we are guiding all other villages in Maharashtra state for helping in loan proposals through banks and by implementing small business, we can also create good employment. We are also arranging social programs for guidance of farmers and rural women. We always are focusing on our farmers so that our business has never recession because we are handling all chain from plant cultivation to marketing. For living any human being much needed is food because of this business in our village every women are able to take admissions in good school or colleges for their children.

Mrs.Pooja Dnyaneshwar Bodke
Mrs. Aruna Sunjay Shelke